Rules and Guidelines:

Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your entry.

Themes for the upcoming quarter:

Theme Submission Date Winner announement
October Festivals around the world 10th October 15th October
November Marble effects 10th November 15th November
December Wafer Paper creativity 10th December 15th December
  1. We need you to submit a cake based on the theme ONLY.
  2. Originality: The entry must be the sole and original design and work of the participant.
  3. Type of creation: It could be tiered, or just a single tier, sculpted, 3D, gravity defying, structural cakes.
  4. Number of Entries: Only 1 entry allowed per person.
  5. Size: Any
  6. Inspiration: Please use inspiration from any objects or ideas related to the theme given. Please note no ADULT/NAUGHTY elements in your creation.
  7. Techniques: You can use any techniques that you like. Main medium used needs to be Fondant.
  8. Files to be uploaded:
    1. 1 straight full shot photo of the cake with proper naming. ( details in Photography guidelines below. point 10)
    2. Your information word doc. (details in other information above. point 11)
  9.  Photography Guidelines:
    1. We would need 1  full shot photo of the cake
    2. Photos need to be high resolution pictures. (300 dpi).
    3. The picture should not have any logo\watermark.
    4. Picture background has to be CLEAN and PLAIN. No pattern or cluttered background.
    5. Please prefix your Image and details document (in point 10 below) file names with your name before sending. This will help us keep all your information together. e.g. April2017_MickeyMouse.jpg or April2017_MickeyMouse.doc

                  Images sent without your name will not be considered for the contest! 

11. Other information: Along with the cake pictures, we would need the following information from you. Kindly fill in this information in a separate word document and email us alongwith the cake image.

  1. Your Full name (as you would like it to appear in the magazine)
  2. Business name
  3. Photographer credits – name, ( email and website (if any))
  4. Location : city, country
  5. A brief write up\description of the cake, your inspiration etc. This is not Mandatory.( kindly limit to 100 words only)
  6. Technique used on cake

Incase you fail to send us any information\images, we will not be liable to followup with you for the same.

  1. Submissions: Please email us your submission to
  2. All photos must reach us via email by the dates mentioned above. Submissions made after this date will not be considered for the contest.

  1. Judging criteria:
    1. Neatness
    2. Creativity
    3. Visual appeal and colour schemes used
    4. Complexity of the Techniques used

 Anonymous judging will be done by a panel of well known artists in an unbiased manner.

Judges and Sugar Magazine decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  1. Prizes:

Every Participant will get a participation badge

Winner gets

  1. A Winner’s Badge
  2. Gift Hamper from Satin Ice - (Can be shipped to any India address Only)
  3. Gift Hamper from Oswal Agencies - (Can be shipped to any India address Only)
  4. Feature in upcoming issue of Sugar Magazine
  5. Feature on the Satin Ice page

Winners will be contacted personally via the email ID submitted and announced on our page and website too.

Submissions: Please email us your submission to

Sugar Magazine will only ever use your personal details for the purposes of administering this competition, and will not publish them or provide them to anyone without your permission.